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Why Choose TenantConnect

Why Choose Us

Time saved with TenantConnect

Time Saved with TenantConnect

  • General Inquiries
  • Billings & Statements
  • Legal Related
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Utility Consumption
  • Tenant Construction

TenantConnect software gives you the freedom to scale your real estate business:
Simplify the management of your retail & office properties. With one centralized data repository, your property management will always have access to the latest tenant information in real time. Configurable reporting and data visualization tools allow you to tailor to the solution for your needs, without compromising the user experience.
Both property managers and tenants will be happier with the transparencies in communication.

Main Features

Key Features

  • Give your tenants the autonomy to manage their business whenever, wherever in real time through our Tenant Self Service System.
  • Build a community for tenants to conveniently conduct business with you reducing risk related to lost emails and paperwork, delayed reporting and payments loss in transit.
Key Features


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Performance Dashboard

Tenants can view key metrics that impact the health of their business including traffic trends, sales, productivity & GROC. For tenants that are sub-metered, TenantConnect has the ability to display consumption and compare to previous years. Direct integration with 3rd party utility consumption vendors available!


Billings & Statements

Tenants can view their accounts, check any arrears and make payments directly online via preferred payment processing partners. Integrations with ERP platforms such as JDE, Yardi and SAP is available for automated document distribution to the portal.

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Sales Reporting

Allow tenants to enter their monthly sales, make edits and receive notification once they are submitted. Sales are centralized for easy viewing and are integrated with any internal platforms such as JDE to compute percentage rent.


Flexible Communication Module

Be able to get announcements, notices, events and any other communication out effectively and efficiently. Message templates are stored in the portal, making them easy to reuse or reference.

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Reduce Manual Intervention

Automate day to day request from tenants such as parking permit request, boardroom bookings, in store events, after hour contractor access and mall management contact.


About Us

Our mission is to bring technology innovation to the under-served real-estate market with well thought-out, responsive solutions.

About Us

TenantConnect was created in 2017 to allow collaborative integrations with niche solution partners and will be a true one-stop tenant portal solution for Landlords and Tenants.
TenantConnect was created to solve the following issues:

  • Repetitive Administration – print/scan, tenant contact lookup & upkeep
  • Delays in Processing – tenants do not receive in real time, must follow up to ensure it is received & who is it with?
  • Inconsistency in delivery methods with Tenants & LL (email, fax, mail)
  • Wasted Resources – paper, courier, people
  • Communication misplacement with fax, email, mail & tenant files
  • One portal access will enable tenants to view in real time & landlord to upload directly from (Utility Consumption, Maintenance Requests, Billings & Statements)